Fishing and fishing holiday on Gran Canary

A deep blue ocean characterizes the maritime surrounding of Gran Canary. With a beach length of about 240 km, all-year warm temperatures and countless fish in the crystal clear water, Gran Canary provides amazing fishing possibilities. The diversity of the fishing offers combined with the catch success won´t only amaze the starter. Many professional anglers love to come back to Gran Canary to catch fish. So the island became venue for professional fishing tournaments with intenational participation.

You will also find harbored bays and moles close to the holiday apartments and villas to catch a fish. Especially famous are, e. g. the mole of Puerto de Morgan and Maspalomas in the south of the island. But also the abundance of fish in the artificial lakes Presa de Ayagaures, Presa de Gambuesa, at Chira dam as well as in Embalse de Soria in the heart of the island attract anglers.

Furthermore sea angling is very popular in Gran Canary. There are good chances to catch big fish, e. g. morays, mackerels, monkfish, congers, gropers, tuna and marlins in the flat water.
Sea fishing tours to shipwrecks can be booked exclusively. Puerto Rico is a good starting point for sea angling. The local ship owners like Canary Sport Fishing S.L. offer bottom and towed fishing in the Atlantic Ocean on acatamaran. Experienced captains as well as high-class equipment with GPS, auto pilot and sonar are always available.

When listening to the sound of the boulter, watching passing-by dolphines and sea turtles and the view of the float you will understand why Hemingway became immortal due to his passion for adventure. The catch will definitely be big, exotic, colorful,  tasty and unforgetable. Good fishing on Gran Canary.

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